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Where Brooklyn ends and the wonder begins! Coney Island; birth place to a Woman Of Wonder; Wendy Blades, the Human Sword Basket! true to form, her Coney Island roots have bestowed upon her the skills to perform many of the Classic American Sideshow stunts such as feats of strength and endurance, escapology, sideshow marvels, but none more amazing, more death defying or more astounding, than the ancient and deadly art of, Sword Swallowing. as a young girl, dreaming of one day swallowing a sword, to starring in the most famous sideshow in all of the World, The Human Sword Basket will never disappoint! Being one of 15 female professional sword swallowers in the world! how many swords will she swallow?! 3? 5? 10? 15?! come! look! see! right before your very eyes. live and in vivid living color! she’s got a heart of gold and a stomach of steel, The remarkable; one of a kind Wendy Blades!

Currently based out of San Francisco, California

And NYC!

For hire worldwide.

I am an Emcee/ Sword Swallower chairstacker 

 Trapeze performer and in addition offers:

Strait Jacket Escape 

Fire Eating 

Spanish Web 

Human Cutting board 

Pain proof stunts


I have worked with multiple companies in the U.S.A

  • Pier 39

  • Coney Island Circus Sideshow

  • Ripleys' Believe it or not!

  • Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow

  • Freakshow Deluxe

  • Earthcircus Productions

  • Themedream Productions

  • Rick Herns Productions

  • Tourettes without regrets

  • Theater Bizzare

  • Immersive Los Gatos 


NOTE  ON VIDEO!: I have multiple costumes for my acts. Performing for a variety of family friendly, corporate, public & private events. 

 If you would like a further list of references,  I can provide.




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